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One-on-one and band

OBSERVE the student's or band's techniques, habits, approaches, problem solving

SET GOALS physical, emotional, personal or professional

IDENTIFY areas to be improved and those currently beneficial

DESIGN tools to achieve the goals, from the finest detail to the overall

IMPLEMENT exercises, processes, tools and devices and grow as a player

CONSTANTLY REVIEW all of the above


These are the most important things!

I have been helping amateur and professional Musicians with their craft for over 40 years, and fortunate to be one of a small number of successful professional Musicians who can convey Music theory, playing techniques and problem-solving in a manner easily understood by students, regardless of their age, ability, goals or previous learning experiences.

Having established the Weekend Warriors in Victoria in 2001, I have taught and coached close to 2000 amateur Musicians in dozens of real-world “band” programs, each one of which culminated in a gig attended by the families and friends of the participants. 

To book a free 15 minute initial phone consultation, please use the contact form, or email me directly on

"I have played around with guitars for years stringing a few songs together to entertain myself, had a few 'traditional style' lessons at the beginning, but never really got any better...

Now I am learning and playing better in such a short period of time, being coached by Bob is the best investment I could have ever made. Very easy to improve your playing and guitar knowledge with Bob as he explains and demonstrates so clearly and in a fun environment, the only problem is after every lesson I cant put my guitar down!!!"


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