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(i.e. "what's in it for you?.....)

Please contact me to book your free 15 minute initial consultation!

Let's cover these things together:

  • Guitar playing in general - personalised for you

  • Technique - co-ordination, speed, dexterity

  • Strength and endurance - routines, exercises

  • Rhythm - the most important vehicle to get you gigs

  • Solos - techniques to help you construct your own

  • Solos - learn the ones which inspire or challenge you

  • Improvising - where do I start? Where do I go?

  • Theory - it's not as difficult as you might think!

  • Your heroes - what did they do, and why?

  • Recording - don't waste your time shooting blind

  • Budgeting - efficiently manage your recording projects

  • Rehearsal techniques - raise the level of your entire band

  • Equipment - get the most out of what you have

  • Tones - which better suit your style and band

  • Mixing - your and your band's recordings

  • Software - an overview of what plugins do and why

  • Ear training (note - not "perfect pitch")

  • and whatever else to achieve your goals.............

ONE ON ONE sessions:

* In person or on-line at my home studio (Sydney's Inner West) - $82.50 per 45 minute session.

* At a venue of your choosing - two minimum at $120 per hour, plus travel time of $45 per hour.


At your band's rehearsal space - two minimum at $120 per hour, plus travel time of $45 per hour.

All prices include GST.

I have spent years developing techniques which improve my own guitar playing and musicianship;

let me use them to help you

"I cannot imagine a better coach. They say the first thing to consider when selecting a coach is do they inspire you? Bob does this in such a humble and genuine way. He focuses on you, is not judgemental and there is no ego. He opens your eyes to possibilities in such a caring way his enjoyment in assisting and in music shines.  His attitude and approach helps you find your foundations upon which you can really grow with abilities you have that just need, well, coaching from Bob.

Not happy he has moved to Sydney".

Mark B

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