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There's a plethora of "advice" available on the internet; on web sites, social media and in forums. Unfortunately, much (dare I say most) of it is ill-conceived, illogical, slyly sponsored, mis-leading, stuff that simply doesn't add up, "opinions" offered as immutable facts........ well, you get the drift.

I've been immersed in equipment (some might say a little too much!), anaolgue and digital, software and hardware, amplifiers, pedals, fx, guitars, strings, speakers, microphones, in the creation of tone, soundscapes since my earliest performing and recording days (1971 and 1972, respectively).

Rather than waste your time, the most precious commodity we have, contact me and let's go through solving your problems or how you might create a better, more satisfying performing and recording environment for you and your band.

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