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My journey has been a long and varied one.

Starting "officially" with Sydney band Finch in 1971 (winners of the Pepsi Pop Poll a year later), who recorded the Drouyn album for the film 1973, the album "Thunderbird" in 1975, and "Short Changed Again" in 1976. 

Received a call from Greg Macainsh (Skyhooks founder and songwriter) in January 1977, and joined that band within days. Recorded "Guilty Until Proven Insane" (containing the killer single "Women In Uniform") a few months later, followed by "Live, Be In It", lots of touring, and our last album, "Hot For The Orient" in 1979.

Entered a period of being a fulltime recording engineer and producer, which mostly abated after a random phone call with Rick Brewster (founder and main songwriter, The Angels) in 1986, which quickly led to me being asked to join The Angels. Followed by albums "Howling", "Liveline", "Beyond Salvation" (the band's multi-Platinum, first and only Number One album), "Red Back Fever", lots of touring and acceptance into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1998, alongside my Hero, Doug Ford, of The Masters Apprentices.

Recorded and released my own (first) solo album, "Saints and Murderers" in 2018 (freely available for download on the "home" page).

Most of my time and effort since 2000 has been spent teaching and conducting band programs for amateur Musicians, The Weekend Warriors, and my own programs dedicated to supporting children, The Greater Groove Music programs.

The future? Conducting Music sessions for those with disabilities who would like to have some professionally supported fun with Music!




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