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Bob is just an articulate, intelligent, patient and very musically talented guy who is motivated by a genuine desire to see everyone's lives, and indeed the world generally, made better through music.

His complete understanding of all styles of music and an ability to connect with all levels of people make Bob a unique character.

Bob is certainly capable of enriching anyone’s life through his ability to communicate music in all its forms and thus make people realise how music is capable of enriching their lives no matter in what manner or depth they choose to be involved.

Paul M


I cannot imagine a better coach. They say the first thing to consider when selecting a coach is do they inspire you? Bob does this in such a humble and genuine way. He focuses on you, is not judgemental and there is no ego. He opens your eyes to possibilities in such a caring way his enjoyment in assisting and in music shines. His attitude and approach helps you find your foundations upon which you can really grow with abilities you have that just need, well, coaching from Bob.

Not happy he has moved to Sydney.

Mark B


I have known Bob for over 40 years and can lay judgement that Bob is of honest character and has been highly acclaimed by his peers, friends and the many people in the music industry that he has touched.

Bob has inspired and mentored many that continue on today that would not be where they are without Bob’s inspiration and guidance.

Bob taught me his wonderful techniques and how to think and approach the guitar from a soulful and intellectual level which was taken on board and glowed though my many years of guitar playing and teaching.

Bob brings a wonderful, unique and inspiring presence to his teachings which radiates way past the lessons.

John S

Bob was always approachable and very willing to help and guide in a way that I did not experience with other Weekend Warrior coaches.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bob to anyone wishing to tap into his vast knowledge and experience

Geoff C


Bob is committed to making a better world through music and he puts his money where his guitar is. I participated in his Weekend Warriors program and it was educational, inspirational and lot of fun. Which is exactly what you want from a Coach/Teacher. Yessiree Bob!!

Bernard H


I highly recommend Bob Spencer as a vocal coach with many many years of experience to back him up.

I had never met Bob prior to participating in a Weekend warriors program through KC 全 Rockshop in Boronia .

I found him to be not only a wonderful coach, but also to be a genuinely lovely man .

I highly recommend Bob to anyone looking for a wonderful coach or mentor in music .

Karen W


Bob coaches everything from how to plug your gear in, setting arrangements, working together with other band members, minimum standards, basic stage craft and expectations of rehearsal time.

He’s clear in direction, firm when you get slack, and focused on the task at hand, without the ego you’d expect to come with some working muso’s. Refreshing!

You’ll be challenged and stretched and rewarded for your efforts. Most of all, you’ll be proud of yourself and amazed at what you can achieve in a short amount of time, when Bob’s coached you. I can’t think of how you’d access this sort of industry experience without programs like these

Allyson M

Bob is a very patient tutor/coach and he ensures that each person is offered the very best opportunity regardless of their ability.

Bob ensures that even the more complex songs are set out in such a way as to make them easy to follow.

Geoff W


Bob was our fantastic band coach in the Weekend Warriors program during 2011. He was knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. He blends his teaching with both humour and kindness. Highly recommended

Caroline T


Bob is a great teacher who always went the extra mile to explain his techniques to help refine what I already knew about playing guitar. Apart from that, he’s a top bloke without any rock star pretence.

Brent D

I have experienced Bob The Teacher, Coach and Lecturer on all manner of subjects including music theory, guitar technique, practical band structure, recording and sound engineering. Bob speaks from years of practical experience at the highest level, has an effective teaching style and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of music

Geoff W

As a long-standing journalist in the Australian and global music industry, I have known Bob Spencer for over 40 years, from his days in Finch, Skyhooks and Young Lions through to The Angels and Rose Tattoo and any other fire-breathing band in between.

I've not only admired his guitar shredding skills but his long held views that music and life should be as inclusive as possible, and his actions have always been louder than words. His project to build a website for disabled creatives and fans is the latest in his efforts to make his world a better and more equitable place

Christie Eliezer - Journalist

As a complete novice, I was grateful to Bob for the time he gave me, and the calm, patient and engaging way he worked with me. during our conversation, I felt that nothing was more important to him than helping me learn; I felt quite humbled.

Martin C


Bob has to be the most patient and personable teacher/mentor anyone could hope to meet. I just wish I could have spent more time learning his secrets and just having fun talking about songs and music. Bob, it was a pleasure.

Paul X

Our son has had the most wonderful time with GREATER GROOVE MUSIC, learning and growing as a guitarist. Every week he's come home excited, inspired and sometimes even jaded from all he's taking in. For a 9 year old kid who's only been playing for 9 months he's so ridiculously lucky to be part of your awesome program - and he knows it.

Mary, mother of a young Musician

Here’s why I like working with you... Having played for over 35 years, we had no idea what direction to take the lessons, but we figured out a path, you found years of mistakes in my technique (who would have thought I hit the string wrong?......), you taught me to really listen, to sing in my head, to play only the right notes, and importantly supported my creativity, which culminated in teaching me some of the subtle arts of recording, and the stages you go through recording an album or EP, but your support of my creativity and patience was the game changer.

S, student


We thank-you for your vision, patience, passion and hard work. You've created a very special and professional program, far beyond what we could have imagined. Last night's gig was a massive success and a highlight for our whole family. Well done!!

Simon, father of 9 year old Musician


I'm 50, been playing guitar since I was 14, played in dozens and dozens of bands like many of us...and recently I have been spending an hour a week with Bob .. OK there are tutors, and then there is Bob ... he has an ability to zero in on what you actually need, and a unique way to help you get better ... its not scripted, he then comes up with unique ways to help you "get that sound" that’s in your head....even if you do spend a lot of time telling him that he is an evil bugger and your hand hurts.. its a personal journey .. get on it no matter how long you have been playing.

Greg, student


Every time I am coached by Bob I gain more knowledge of how to play with more professionalism, how to fit into a band, and play what’s needed, rather than just playing away aimlessly. Bobs’ knowledge of music, and what’s required to make a band sound polished, is second to none.

Neville D


Bob's program fills a void in teenage music. It gives kids who can perform individually the opportunity to do it in a team – or rather – a band. And with some expert coaching, Our daughter loved the whole thing – especially the gig!

Andrew, father of young singer


I’ve been associated with several performances where Bob has been the Coach. You would have to travel a long way to find someone so dedicated and professional to the world of music. Every occasion with Bob is an amazing life changing experience which is echoed by all the long term friendships made from these programs.

John C


Bob's coaching style is practical and oriented towards getting the best out of each individual with whom he comes into contact. He is incredibly patient and knows how to zero in on areas where a player must work to improve their skill. My live performance has improved greatly as a result of Bob's assistance and I am enjoying playing the instrument more as a result.

Tom R


I have now participated in two music programs with Bob Spencer as our Coach. Bob’s coaching style is highly engaging as he gently pushes and prods you to try new ways of playing. He has a really interesting style and when combined with his incredible knowledge and skill allows each of the bands to ‘find their unique sound’ and ultimately deliver very credible performances. I could not recommend these programs more highly and I will definitely be back for more.

Robyn B


I have played around with guitars for years stringing a few songs together to entertain myself, had a few 'traditional style' lessons at the beginning, but never really got any better...

Now I am learning and playing better in such a short period of time, being coached by Bob is the best investment I could have ever made. Very easy to improve your playing and guitar knowledge with Bob as he explains and demonstrates so clearly and in a fun environment, the only problem is after every lesson I cant put my guitar down!!!



Even my wife said "Wow.. when did you learn to do that?!!" ... and she's NOT even a fan!! You are bloody good at this ... and I will work on the "new exorcises" ....but just wanted to say thanks, much appreciated for the best bits of guitar I have probably ever played :) .. :) Just wish I recorded it !”

Greg, student


"How does he know all that data about the benefits of Music he was quoting?!! I know it sounds silly, but I just wasn't expecting that from him.............''

School's Assistant Principal


I went through the Weekend Warriors program with you (Round 7 – 2005 I think).  I’m still in a band with Andrew Moseby (guitar) who did the same Round but in a different band than me.  Our bass player is (name withheld) who did another program with you.  You’ve been an enormous influence on the three of us Bob.  When rehearsing your name often comes up…..’Bob says this’,  ‘Bob used to say that’ and so on.  I’m sure there are many others out there who did Weekend Warriors with you who are the same.

Neil M

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