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Recording can be a very daunting, sometimes scary, process. Take advantage of my professionally equipped, high end, recording system. I can provide you, bands and solo artists, with world class rhythm, lead and bass tracks. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

For reference, check out previous recordings with, for example, Skyhooks, The Angels and Rose Tattoo, or my solo album, on which I recorded, engineered, produced, mixed in my studio, and played all instruments, bar drums.

"As a long-standing journalist in the Australian and global music industry, I have known Bob Spencer for over 40 years, from his days in Finch, Skyhooks and Young Lions through to The Angels and Rose Tattoo and any other fire-breathing band in between.


I've not only admired his guitar shredding skills but his long held views that music and life should be as inclusive as possible, and his actions have always been louder than words. His project to build a website for disabled creatives and fans is the latest in his efforts to make his world a better and more equitable place."

Christie Eliezer - Legendary Journalist

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