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Why am I blogging?

I'm only 25 years late to this particular party, after all.

Consider this a trial (and possibly of your patience). Social media can be OK (I don't know you, but can I please have free tix? Free t shirts? Half a dozen backstage passes? Er, no), but the amount of time and energy expended replying and responding to derailments, whataboutisms, non sequiturs, delusions of relevance, let alone the "please watch some nutter on YouTube waffling away for seven and a half hours" etc are taxing on my time and sanity. The two are linked. No time to myself and my erroneous assumption that logic and reason must matter to everyone as equally as they do to me = a lack of sanity.

I guess there be the basis of my first blog. :-)

Time - spend it wisely.

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