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To hone in on an individual's particular needs is of the utmost importance; no two players are alike. We each exist in a kind of "3D" landscape, where some of us may be more capable than others in one area, but not as proficient in another. This is one reason why the "one size fits all" approach of teaching is lacking, and why I tailor instruction and guidance to the individual. We will cover, if of value to you, Music theory, timing, techniques, guitar sounds, equipment, recording, mixing......... whatever is required by you to help you reach your goals.


Playing "in a band" is of the greatest importance to me and to those members of every band I've been part of, but, unfortunately, there is sadly lacking the supportive experience and expertise required to do this productively, with enjoyment and satisfaction. In my vast professional experience, 50 years and counting, the overwhelming reasons that a band asks someone to join are their "groove", their approach, their sound, how they listen, how they treat the space between the notes. They are at the centre of my approach, and I can help with all these things.

And if you're writing songs........ I've been a successful songwriter for many decades and I may be able to help you fine tune your efforts. Arrangements, lyrics, themes, melody.....

My aim is to share what I have learned through trial and error, experience, studies, time and effort, with others.


Many bands fudge about trying to get "better", but without clear goals, reasons or outside assistance. Sadly, this generally results in little progress, and in these cases, it would be fair to say that "your teacher doesn't know any more than you do".

Bands who play professionally know the value of, for example, a great "producer"; someone from outside, someone who is able to see things objectively (we hope!).

I have spent decades assisting not only my own bands, but thousands of hopeful Musicians through my Weekend Warrior and Greater Groove Music programs.

I can assist you with your own songs, whether with a view to playing them at gigs or recording them, and also with arrangements, instrumentation, complementing each other's parts and sounds, particular sounds, rehearsal set-up, and recording techniques, as I have done with my own bands.

If you would like to chat about the ways I may be able to improve your band, please hit my contact form.

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