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My one-on-one guitar lessons are structured for the individual and I do not use a course. Why? Because my long experience has shown that whilst one person may be leaps further ahead than another in terms of one aspect of Music or playing, they may well be (and usually are) quite behind in another.

Confidence in your playing may begin when you see that most things out there that you listen to are actually related, rather than completely different. All types of Music have more things in common than not, so if they (other artists) can do it, you can do it.

Confidence also comes with witnessing how your technique and abilities improve. Self observation is paramount.

The chords and the scales/riffs/bits within the keys are generally the first thing I cover in sessions. If you don’t know the key and the related chords, how can you be expected to play appropriately?

I place a great emphasis on Groove and timing and getting the right tone. If one can’t play with a sense of rhythm, the notes that one can play are almost irrelevant. With respect to this, we will explore phrasing with a view understanding what the mechanical aspects of “phrasing” might be.

I also work on breaking habits by forcing oneself to play things (exercises, scales, riffs, rhythms, notes etc etc) in different ways from the ways one has been accustomed to playing in the past. Technique is your servant, not your master Make it work for you! When you have better technique, you are more able to play the things you want, when you want them and in such a way that the audience will hear them clearly.

Taking an overview which is that, ultimately, you will want to play in a band, much of my instruction is directed to that end. How to get an appropriate sound, how best to use your gear, what gear to use; these are all areas that I cover. There are things I do to assist my own playing which I will run by you. These may then be easily modified and expanded as you get your head around the main concepts. I am quite focused on how to get out, and beyond, ruts and routines. I have found ways to address these things which are not mentioned in books that I know of. What has worked for me and for other students, I can show you.

I can also assist via Skype sessions, which provide a wonderful way to engage, if you are not able to come to my home studio in Glen Iris, Victoria. Please be prepared to take notes of your own in addition to the ones I will write out and later email to you. I’ll also record a video of our session which I’ll share with you via Dropbox. Fees available upon request.

Warning – pursuing this will involve you playing and practicing with a metronome, drum machine or loops etc!

Lastly – there are no “tricks” to becoming a better Musician and I am not in the business of teaching students only “licks and tricks”, with the student erroneously believing this is what my peers and I did to become better Musicians. I am, however, in the business of helping you to become a better Musician and guitarist and of assisting you so that you may be able to play whatever you choose to play, exactly what you hear in your head or feel in your heart and be eventually rid of me as a teacher. This is how I view my part in your Journey.

Effort applied diligently and mindfully will get you where you want to be!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

There are many bands out there, energetic and well meaning, who seem not to be able to make the progress that they would like. What they may not be aware of is that professional bands accept that they can’t do everything themselves and that is why 99.9% of them employ a producer to help them focus and improve their skills. This is true even for such talented and accomplished bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Greenday, U2, Metallica, Opeth, A Perfect Circle… (you get the idea!) and for almost every solo Artist. Yet so many bands and artists seem intent on putting in long hours without guidance and getting nowhere as a result.

I began the Weekend Warriors program in Victoria in 2001 and since that time I have coached hundreds of Musicians, both amateur and professional, towards their goal of having higher quality bands.

Many bands seem to be under the erroneous impression that becoming a better band ”will just happen” naturally. Well, it won’t! You need a clear idea of your objectives, a self critical eye and ear and to understand how all the components fit together. Becoming a better band while waiting for it to “happening naturally” may take decades. Stop wasting your time!

Whether it be preparation for a tour, recordings, an important gig, having and enjoying more productive rehearsals or just a general attitude of ”we want to be better”, I can assist you. There are literally hundreds of other bands out there trying to take our gigs and your audience! Isn’t it time to get the edge on them?……..

If you’d like to propel your band to the next level, leaving your competitors behind in your wake, please consider what I can do for you. My band coaching service gives you the opportunity of seeing first hand how a successful Musician operates and you’ll learn about the stuff you won’t get from YouTube, Google or books. Let me bring to you the experience which has earned me a dozen Gold and Platinum Albums, a million record sales and induction in the ARIA Hall Of Fame.

And, does your family play Music? Have you thought about playing in a band together?…

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